Capital reconstruction bulletin (4)

Capital reconstruction bulletin (4)
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Full title: Capital reconstruction bulletin
Release Date: 1945-07-16
Subject Categories: economy
About the film

Clearing rubble from the streets. Asphalting the roads. Fixing the tram network. The first tram on the streets of Warsaw. Launching the EKD (Warsaw's Electric Commuter Rail network).

Director of Photography: Władysław Forbert
Subject Number: 3
Event: odbudowa stolicy
Time: 1945
Place: Warsaw
Rights: WFDiF
Sound: mono
Frame Size: 4:3
Sequence description
00:00:01:14Title: "Capital Reconstruction Bulletin". Warsaw in the background.
00:00:04:22A digger collects rubble into trailers.
00:00:16:00The operator of the digger.
00:00:17:14A digger at work.
00:00:31:20Workers clear the streets of rubble.
00:00:34:21Trailers full of rubble travel down the streets.
00:00:37:19Asphalting the road.
00:00:40:22Work on the ruined tram depot.
00:00:42:20Fixing tram carriages.
00:00:51:06Fixing the electrical contact system.
00:00:57:10The first electric tram on the streets of Warsaw with a board saying “Special Carriage”.
00:01:16:19People applauding.
00:01:18:10A rolling tram.
00:01:23:20The station connecting Grójec and Warsaw.
00:01:29:18People getting boarding carriages.
00:01:31:18Decorated carriages.
00:01:32:19Moving carriages.
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reader text

One of the most important tasks during the first period of reconstruction in the capital was to make the city's transport efficient. Horse-pulled carts and traction engines are used to clear the rubble. Roads are asphalted over the cobbles which have been cleaned. At the same time the tram network is being rebuilt. Currently tram carriages, over-head connections and cables are being fixed all over Warsaw. On June 20th the first tram carriage of the new regular public transport network appeared on the streets. In the coming weeks more tram lines will be launched. A train connecting Warsaw and Grójec has already come into operation. The future developments in reconstructing the city transport depend on reconstructing the bridges over the river Vistula. Our next bulletin in the coming edition of this newsreel will be a reportage on the reconstruction of bridges in Warsaw.

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