Feature and animation films

The distribution and availability of films in Poland and abroad encompasses trading rights to the films which The National Film Archive has author’s economic rights, films which have been entrusted to The National Film Archive by agency agreements or single sales mandates in accordance with the Copyright and Related Rights Act.

Please contact us in order to receive film licenses:


Włodzimierz Lech

Film Rights and Sales Director

telephone: + 48 22 826 08 49

fax: + 48 22 826 08 49

e-mail: wlech@fn.org.pl


The Section of Promotion is responsible for making copies of The National Film Archive’s films available in Poland and abroad:


Paweł Łuczyński

Section of Promotion Director

telephone: +48 22 540 83 31 or +48 602 15 14 70

e-mail: pluczynski@fn.org.pl


More information here: http://www.fn.org.pl/page/index.php?str=127


Documentary films

The Section of Film Rights and Sale makes films from the Film Archive 1 Chełmska of The National Film Archive available nationally and abroad. This is done by the Customer Service Section. The resources include Polish Newsreels (PKF), documentary films, Newsreels of the Polish Telegraphic Agency (PAT) and documentaries from the I and II World War.


Ewa Ferency-Łuniewska

Customer Service Director

telephone: + 48 22 840 80 95

fax: + 48 22 840 80 96

e-mail: zok@fn.org.pl


More information here: http://www.fn.org.pl/page/index.php?str=777

The availability of films is in accordance with The Terms of Use, Availability and Service Price List – available on the website: http://www.fn.org.pl/page/bip.php