Capital reconstruction bulletin (3)

Capital reconstruction bulletin (3)
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Full title: Capital reconstruction bulletin – The reconstruction of water works in Warsaw.
Release Date: 1945-06-21
Subject Categories: economy
About the film

The reconstruction of Warsaw's water treatment plants, setting the pumps into operation, the first clean water.

Director of Photography: Władysław Forbert
Subject Number: 8
Object: water filters
Event: reconstruction
Time: 1945
Place: Warsaw
Rights: WFDiF
Sound: mono
Frame Size: 4:3
Sequence description
00:00:01:06The ruins of the water treatment plant.
00:00:11:09Workers clearing the rubble.
00:00:21:09Bricklayers at work.
00:00:31:15A worker hangs Warsaw’s coat of arms to the front of the building.
00:00:34:06Workers fixing the destroyed pumps.
00:00:45:14A worker sets the pumps into operation.
00:00:52:14Working machinery.
00:00:57:12A worker opens a valve of the water supply.
00:00:58:00Water flowing.
00:01:03:03People queuing for water from the street water pipe.
00:01:05:06A girl pouring water from the municipal water pipe into a bucket.
00:01:06:20The faces of the workers who have put the municipal water works back into operation.
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reader text

This is what the water treament plants looked like after the routing of the Germans from the capital. Everything had to be rebuilt from scratch, from removing the rubble to putting up a new building for the pump station. The first pump starts. Water! In the dying arteries of the city new life appears. Thank these people. They have stopped Warsaw’s thirst. Their names will be immortalized in bronze on an honor roll to the rebuilders of the capital.

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