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Full title: New Year! New Year's Eve celebration in Constitution Square. New Year's Eve festivity at the Warsaw University of Technology.
Release Date: 1953-01-07
Duration: 02:37
Subject Categories: events, capitol
About the film

Dancing in Constitution Square. Couples dancing at a party. New Year's Eve Ball at the Warsaw University of Technology.

Director of Photography: Szczeciński Karol, Janik Wiktor
Sound Effects: Zawarski Stefan
Subject Number: 1-4
Person: Józef Cyrankiewicz (Prime Minister), Nina Andrycz (Actress, wife of Józef Cyrankiewicz)
Object: Constitution Square in Warsaw, Warsaw University of Technology
Event: New Year’s Eve
Time: 1953
Place: Warsaw
Rights: WFDiF
Sound: mono
Frame Size: 4:3
Colour system: black and white
Sequence description
00:00:18:02Inscription: "Happy New Year!" In the background – a dance party in Constitution Square, Warsaw.
00:00:37:01Dancing couples at a New Year's party.
00:01:09:04New Year's Eve ball in the hall of the Warsaw University of Technology.
00:01:24:16At midnight Józef Cyrankiewicz gives a speech: "Let our dreams come true for all the people of good will, for all working people, long live peace."
00:01:47:19Prime Minister Cyrankiewicz with his wife Nina Andrycz among the couples dancing a polonaise.
00:02:04:11Dancing couples at the New Year's Eve ball at the Warsaw University of Technology.
00:00:02:12Intro: "POLISH FILM NEWSREEL 2/53".
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reader text

New Year's Eve in Constitution Square. It was the first open air winter party in Warsaw. The cynics said, “Are you crazy? No one will come!”. They do not know Warsaw. Warsaw bade farewell to the year 1952. The Year of the Constitution and the MDM, the rally of young leaders, and the parliament elections. A year of increasing strength to the country and the nation that we worked for so hard and sincerely for. We are at a big New Year’s Eve party in the hall of the Warsaw University of Technology. The New Year’s polonaise dance is start. The grand festivities were attended by leading Varsovian workers, artists, students, engineers, supervisors and employees from Warsaw’s great institutions. The whole of Poland joyfully welcomed the New Year, the year of 1953. We are looking ahead towards new, difficult challenges and new successes. We look to the future.

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