Capital reconstruction bulletin (5)

Capital reconstruction bulletin (5)
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Full title: Capital reconstruction bulletin - bridges on the river Vistula.
Release Date: 1945-07-21
Subject Categories: economy
About the film

A wooden bridge over the Vistula. Divers at work. Reconstruction of the bridge.

Director of Photography: Władysław Forbert
Subject Number: 5
Object: A train bridge over the Vistula
Event: the reconstruction of the bridge
Time: 1945
Place: Warsaw
Rights: WFDiF
Sound: mono
Frame Size: 4:3
Sequence description
00:00:01:06Title: "Capital Reconstruction Bulletin", a ruined bridge on the Vistula in the background.
00:00:03:09A ruined bridge on the Vistula.
00:00:04:13A wooden bridge over the Vistula.
00:00:09:00Cars and pedestrians on the bridge.
00:00:16:09Equipping the diver.
00:00:23:07Dropping the diver into the river.
00:00:31:15Bringing the diver out of the water.
00:00:33:04Detonating the explosives planted by the diver, aimed at removing the arches of the ruined bridge.
00:00:39:06Working on the reconstruction of the bridge.
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reader text

In the overall question of planning the reconstruction of Warsaw, the matter of making opening transport links across right and left banks of the Vistula better is of tremendous significance. As we know, currently only a wooden bridge, built by Soviet sappers during the Winter Offensive, is available. An intensive reconstruction of the bridge is in progress. Divers are involved, planting explosive materials underwater in order to clear the foundations of the destroyed bridge. The most complex work involves the reconstruction of the train bridge. The plan is that by 1st of February 1946 the train connection, complete with its iron bridge construction, will be finished.

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