Capital Reconstruction Bulletin (10)

Capital Reconstruction Bulletin (10)
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Full title: Capital reconstruction bulletin – Reconstruction of the Czerniakowski harbor – the first ships repaired in the Czerniakowska shipyard
Release Date: 1945-10-04
Duration: 01:32
Subject Categories: economy
About the film

Work on the reconstruction of the port Czerniaków and riverboats. Renovated ship "Wawel" flowing along the Vistula.

Director of Photography: Rodowicz Stanisław
Subject Number: 4
Event: reconstruction of the harbor
Time: 1945
Place: Warsaw
Rights: WFDiF
Sound: mono
Frame Size: 4:3
Colour system: black and white
Sequence description
00:00:04:04River port on Czerniaków.
00:00:09:20Workers fish out damaged ships.
00:00:16:19Destroyed ships and barges.
00:00:28:12Ship WAWEL starting its cruise on the Vistula River.
00:00:45:13Workers on board.
00:00:54:18A view of the railway bridge being built.
00:01:08:00Laborers working at the construction of the bridge.
00:01:18:19Scaffolding bridge.
00:01:22:10Working welder.
00:01:30:19Steel span of the bridge.
00:00:01:20Inscription: "CAPITAL RECONSTRUCTION BULLETIN" in the background ships in the harbor.
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reader text

Rebuilding of the Czerniakow port is coming to an end. The shipyard is working already, in which damaged during the war river ships are being repaired.
At the same time, thanks to the new state loans, the mining of barges and ships from the river bottom accelerated and sped up. The ‘Wawel’ ship, completely renovated in the Czerniaków shipyard, begins its first inspection trip on the Vistula river. Within plans for the reconstruction of Warsaw, there is a special attention for Varsovian bridges
On the Vistula, 14 new bridges are being designed, within this number 4 will be railway and railway-road bridges. We give you the report on rebuilding peripheral railway bridge.

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