Lodz. School of make-up

Lodz School of make-up
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Full title: The make-up School in Lodz, city for managers, for managers of workers social clubs.
Release Date: 1947-03-20
Duration: 00:56
Tags: make-up
About the film

Make-up room. Doing the make-up of a young woman. Doing the make-up of a man.

Director of Photography: Drzewiecki N.
Subject Number: 6
Object: Make-up school in Lodz
Event: tuition in make-up artistry
Time: 1947
Place: Lodz
Foreign Exchange: Welt im Film, Metro-News (M. Ns.) (USA)
Rights: WFDiF
Sound: mono
Frame Size: 4:3
Colour system: black and white
Sequence description
00:00:01:02Inscription: "News from the country. Lodz”, hall in the background and girls learning make-up.
00:00:04:09Face of a women while girls are doing her make-up.
00:00:22:00A student combing the hair of a model.
00:00:34:08The head of a model.
00:00:37:19Practicing make-up on a man.
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reader text

In Lodz, Poland, there is a unique creative make-up school for theater and film. Real miracles can be done with the help of carefully applied lipstick and foundation. Here are the faces of youth and old age brought to life in a single person.
Among the students there are also the theater workers and young actors from the schools of drama. They all have to learn the difficult wig-making and hairdressing skills. A good hairstyle is not easy to do. Under the skillful hands of a make-up artist one can rejuvenate and grow old in just a few minutes.

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