Matejko’s masterpieces saved

Matejko’s masterpieces saved
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Full title: Matejko’s masterpieces saved
Release Date: 1944
Subject Categories: culture and art
About the film

A formal transfer of paintings to the representatives of the Polish government. People who have saved the paintings from the Germans. Taking the paintings from under the ground in the stable, where they were hidden during the war. Transporting the paintings on a cart. Conservatory works. Professor Rybnikow.

Supervisor: Jerzy Bossak
Director of Photography: Stanisław Wohl, Adolf Forbert
Subject Number: 2
Person: Edward Osóbka-Morawski (the Prime Minister of the Temporary National Unity Government), Aleksy Rybnikow (Professor)
Object: oil paintings on the canvas: "Bitwa pod Grunwaldem","Kazanie Skargi"
Event: transfer of paintings to representatives of the Polish government
Time: 1945
Place: Lublin, Warsaw
Rights: WFDIF
Sound: mono
Frame Size: 4:3
Sequence description
00:00:06:22Prime minister Osóbka-Morawski signs an act saying that the paintings were saved thanks to the courage of a few patriots.
00:00:14:18Osóbka-Morawski in the company of fellow members of the government.
00:00:21:06A representative of the army reads the acts in front of a microphone.
00:00:29:19Men who have hidden Matejko’s canvases.
00:00:44:07A man takes out the straw.
00:00:56:09A group of people look at the paintings.
00:00:58:09The faces of the observers.
00:01:03:11Hoisting out the paintings with the help of pulleys.
00:01:15:10Journalists sitting in front of the stable.
00:01:19:18A cart on which the canvases are being taken.
00:01:30:10Canvases lying on the floor.
00:01:37:10The Prime Minister Osóbka-Morawski and other dignitaries looking at the canvases.
00:01:44:13The conservator kneels by the canvases and cleans them.
00:01:57:22Professor Rybnikow speaks publicly in Russian.
00:02:28:01The audience applauds.
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reader text

Giving the paintings "Bitwa pod Grunwaldem" [The Battle of Grunwald] and "Kazania Skargi" [Skarga's Sermon] to representatives of the Polish government. The official signing of the act stating that the paintings have been saved due to the courage of a few patriots, by the prime minister and other members of the government. The names of these citizens cannot yet be revealed because their families are in German concentration camps. They are the ones who risked their lives in order to hide these valuable canvases from the German vandals. In this stable, under the ground, Matejko’s paintings rested, waiting for the new Grunwald. They were taken on an identical cart five years ago from occupied Lublin. In liberated Lublin the restoration of both paintings began. Professor Rybnikow, the invited conservator of the Trietiakowska Gallery in Moscow, ensures that after the restoration the paintings will be reinstated as the historical masterpieces they are.

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