Caricatures of Polish virtuosos by Jerzy Szwajcer

Caricatures of Polish virtuosos by Jerzy Szwajcer
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Full title: Karykatury wirtuozów polskich Jerzego Szwajcera
Signature: MF.609
Release Date: 1930
Date of Production: 1929
Duration: 0:01:53
Subject Categories: culture and arts, society
About the film

Jerzy Szwajcer (pseudonym "Jotes") at work. Drawings by Szwajcer [newsreel originally silent - sound added recently].

Subject Number: 8
Person: Jerzy Szwajcer (caricaturist, cartoonist, journalist)
Time: 1929
Place: Poland
Rights: orphan works ( Filmoteka Narodowa)
Sound: none
Frame Size: 4:3
Colour system: black and white
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reader text

[Subtitles]. Jotes's caricatures Series XII Polish Virtuosos - Jotes at work. King of pianists J. I. Paderewski. King of violinists Bronislaw Huberman. Master of the piano Arthur Rubinsztein. Conductor and a composer Emil Mlynarski. Great pianist Joseph Turczyński. Outstanding pianist Zbigniew Drzewiecki.

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