The atelier of "Polish Film"

The atelier of "Polish Film"
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Full title: The atelier of the "Polish Film". Zeman, the director working on the film "Blind Track"
Release Date: 1948-06-30
Duration: 01:20
Subject Categories: culture and arts
About the film

In the atelier of Lodz. Scenes from the film. Director talking with the actors.

Subject Number: 8-9
Person: Borivoj Zeman (Czech director)
Event: filming of "Blind track"
Time: 1948
Place: Łódź
Rights: WFDiF
Sound: mono
Frame Size: 4:3
Colour system: black and white
Sequence description
00:00:08:12A scene from the film with Irena Eichlerówna.
00:00:15:18Wife of the film’s director.
00:00:25:06A scene from the film, with actors Jankowski and Chmurkowski.
00:00:49:08The director and his wife with the actors.
00:00:01:19The inscription: "In the studio of POLISH FILM". A film crew in the background.
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reader text

In the atelier of Lodz, Czech director Borivoj Zeman is working on a new Polish film "Blind track". The lead role is played by Irena Eichlerówna. Zeman is assisted by his wife, Mrs. Alena. Here is a scene with well-known actors, Chmurkowski and Jankowski. And here is the director himself. Czechs and Poles understand each other perfectly. No wonder, moreover, Zeman seems to speak Polish, and the Polish actors are convinced that they made good progress in the Czech language.

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