After Warsaw’s liberation

After Warsaw’s liberation
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Full title: The first days after Warsaw’s liberation
Release Date: 1945-02-01
Subject Categories: history
About the film

The first days after the liberation. A market place between Aleje Jerozolimskie and Marszałkowska street. A bridge. Movement on the streets.

Director of Photography: Eugeniusz Jefimow
Subject Number: 1
Event: the first days of Warsaw’s liberation
Time: 1945
Place: Warsaw
Rights: WFDiF
Sound: mono
Frame Size: 4:3
Sequence description
00:00:01:02Title: "POLISH NEWSREEL 7/45".
00:00:09:08A title card with the credits of the production team.
00:00:15:18People standing on stairs, sitting on rooftops and looking out of the windows of a train.
00:00:24:16Crowds waiting to cross the wooden bridge to the other side of the Vistula.
00:00:31:14People crossing the bridge.
00:00:34:06Automobiles and people on the bridge.
00:00:36:20Pedestrians on the bridge.
00:00:41:09A view of ruined Warsaw from the bridge.
00:00:45:00Automobiles and people on the bridge.
00:00:50:12People on the destroyed streets of Warsaw.
00:00:53:20People with bundles on their backs.
00:00:57:12Pedestrians on the street among the ruined buildings.
00:01:01:21An army division marches down a street in Warsaw.
00:01:16:02A destroyed tram, a sign in the window saying “PHARMACY OPEN”.
00:01:21:01Announcement: "PRESCHOOL FOR CHILDREN [...]".
00:01:22:19People moving down a ruined street.
00:01:27:00Crowds at a temporary market, the Central Station in the background.
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reader text

On hearing about the plans to reconstruct Warsaw the exiled people of the capital returned in droves to their home city. On a wooden pontoon, which currently replaces Warsaw’s wonderful bridges, there is an enormous movement from dusk till dawn. There is also a lot of life on the streets of the capital. In the city there are neither habitable buildings nor servicable schools, while shops and trade workshops appear to be in ruins. The pharmacy installed inside a ruined tram just proves that the famous Warsaw humour victoriously survived the occupation and the tragedy of the unsuccessful uprising. A view of the temporary business district by Marszałkowska and Aleje Jerozolimskie streets. All of the preparations for the reconstruction are almost finished. This work will be supported by: a Polish worker, engineer, and the kindly offered help of the allied Soviet nations, and the great industry in the liberated parts of Poland.

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