Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv
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Director of Photography: Morawka Tadeusz
About the film

Everyday life in Tel Aviv.

Time: 1939
Place: Tel Aviv, Israel
Rights: dzieło osierocone (dyspozytariusz Filmoteka Narodowa)
Sound format: stereo
Aspect ratio: 5:4
Language: pl
sequence description
00:00:00:00Subtitles: "Tel Aviv", "original reportage by Romuald Gantkowskiego", "Photos by Tadeusz Morawka", "Music by Francis Izbica Performance by the Warsaw Opera Orchestra." Ocean waves in the background.
00:00:27:18View of Tel Aviv from the deck of an aircraft carrier.
00:00:38:12Panorama of Tel Aviv.
00:00:57:21Residents of Tel Aviv on the Dizengoff square, named after the founder of Tel Aviv.
00:01:12:05Cars and a bus going down the street.
00:01:16:04A school building.
00:01:24:18Residential buildings.
00:01:44:09A bank.
00:01:50:02The streets converging on the David square.
00:02:03:15The streets of Tel Aviv seen from a moving car. Offices of PKO Bank.
00:02:19:10The office of Orbis.
00:02:20:21A building with the flag of Poland.
00:02:28:11The main street of Tel Aviv, Alembic Street.
00:02:32:05Port of Tel Aviv.
00:03:05:04Redding’s power plant.
00:03:18:09Headquarters of the Labor Movement.
00:03:23:10High school building.
00:03:29:02Two British soldiers.
00:03:34:16Street market.
00:03:44:05Alembic Street leading towards the seaside.
00:03:57:03Trumpeter announces the start of Saturday's rest.
00:04:03:12City residents returning to their homes.
00:04:07:09Theater building under construction.
00:04:24:03Crowded beach.
00:05:01:14Kayakers fighting against the waves.
00:05:14:09People on the terrace of a hotel.
00:05:18:20Crowd of people on the seafront boulevard.
00:05:31:12Panorama of Schiller’s kibbutz.
00:05:53:17Interiors of a colony. Children. A soldier passing through. Cows.
00:06:24:18Municipal building.
00:06:31:12Panorama of the city seen from the roof of the magistrates.
00:07:02:12The mayor Rokach during an interview with the vice-mayor and the city secretary - Nadiwi.
00:07:13:10Members of the City Council on the roof of the Tel Aviv municipality. Council debate.
00:07:58:20Seafront view of a setting sun.
00:08:22:21Inscription: "THE END".
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Aerial view of the city. A city square with a fountain. Busy street, new buildings. Anglo-Palestine Bank. Orbis’ Building. Port construction, crane, moored boats. Street market. Trumpeter playing on the street. A theatre building under construction. The beach full of sun bathing people. Residential colonies. City municipal building. Municipal officials. Sun setting over the sea.

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