Two airplanes ‒ gift for the army

Two airplanes ‒ gift for the army
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Full title: Spółka akcyjna Gazy Ziemne we Lwowie ofiarowuje dwa samoloty armii
Signature: MF.164
Release Date: 1938-06
Date of Production: 1938
Duration: 0:00:59
Subject Categories: society, economy
About the film

Gazy Ziemne plants in Lviv. Skniłów airport near Lviv ‒ handing of aircraft. Test flight

Subject Number: 4
Object: ."Gazy Ziemne" join-stock company for oil industry in Lviv, airport Skniłów in Lviv
Time: 1938
Place: Lviv
Rights: orphan works ( Filmoteka Narodowa)
Sound: mono
Frame Size: 4:3
Colour system: black and white
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reader text

Joint stock company Gazy Ziemne in Lviv, one of the largest companies of this type in Poland, offered to the army two aircrafts sponsored by the board. After accepting the gift by the representatives of the military authorities at the Sknił airport near Lviv planes paraded in the air before the authorities and the donors.

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