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part: 11:00
Screenwriter: Ryszard Antoniszczak
Director of Photography: Marek Plata
Visual Effects: Ryszard Antoniszczak
About the film
Assistant Camera: Krzysztof Stawowczyk
Sound Imitation: Otokar Balcy
Production Manager: Halina Kramarz
Rights: National Film Archive
Language: pl
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A man falls out of his bed because of a nightmare. He gets dressed, puts on his hat, leaves his wife and goes out. He walks through the gloomy city, goes past the company “Foto Morgan”, where sleeping problems are treated, shops with hunter and fishing accessories, a lottery, a games salon. A red, burning car comes out of the flippers… Another dream. Its main character goes to the city. On an empty street she meets the man from the previous dream, who complains about his fate. She gives him a mysterious file… The woman watches TV and constantly perorates, the man soaks his feet in a bowl. Cartoons and car advertisements are on TV. The woman wants to have a car. When they are passing by in a car, they splash the benefactress from the dream with mud. Their car batters everything. Suddenly the car has a flat tire. That’s when nature shows its gloomy face. The car encroached along with the passengers. A herd of rams walks by and leaves behind the trampled reality.

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Ryszard Antoniszczak – just like his older brother Julian Józef – is a graduate of the graphic and painting faculty of the Academy of Arts in Cracow (1971). After graduation he became associated with the Animated Film Studio in Cracow, where his brother was the co-founder and leader. Julian’s cinema is most of all non-camera. Ryszard makes a completely different type of animation. It is a cinema with a perfect technique, there is no place for a nervous or dirty image, as is common for his brother’s animations. There is an evident fascination for the world’s drawing animation: from a traditional Disney line and spot to pop art poetics. Ryszard Antoniszczak’s debut was in 1974 with the amazingly effective musical film “Goodbye steam!”. This incredible psychedelic story about a grandfather with a passion for trains refers the poetics, arts and music of the “Yellow submarine” by George Dunning. The “Fantomobil” (1976) is Antoniszczak’s second original film for adults (between it and the “Goodbye steam!” he also realised “Miki Mol” in 1975, with which he began the second part of his work dedicated to the youngest audience). This dreamlike, full of suspense story asks whether it is worth having, worth being. Its poetics touches both gloomy expressionism and a rainbow coloured psychedelic atmosphere. The image is accompanied by very interesting music – two types, relating to the light and dark sides of our personality. The authors of the music are Marek Wilczyński and Jacek Ukleja, members of the band Zdrój Jana, which combines cabaret and psychedelic rock. Ryszard Antoniszczak himself was a member, he played percussion, wrote texts and made the visuals. Jerzy Armata

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