The Polish Non-Camera Newsreel No. 6 1983 Edition B

The Polish Non-Camera Newsreel No. 6 1983 Edition B
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part: 09:55
Director of Photography: Andrzej Trojnarski
About the film
Assistant Director: Grażyna Ryn-Nowosińska
Sound Imitation: Tadeusz Kowalek
Production Manager: Halina Kramarz
Rights: National Film Archive
Language: pl
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The sixth edition of the newsreel. This time the author considers possible causes of the ‘pumping out’ of the nation, informs us about the state of the national gastronomy while giving a recipe for the ‘kryzysiano’ pizza, advertises a new type of car called the ‘siwek tarpan lux.’ In the ‘do it yourself’ part he shows how to make shoes and undershirts. He also advises how to hide the signs of luxury. The culture newsreel belongs to the Oberhausen Festival and its leading slogan ‘the path to your neighbour’ and an up-to date political commentary is included.

Subjects of the newsreel: ‘A nation pumped out’, ‘The ancient Polish gastronomy – pizza’, ‘New type of car’, ‘Do it on your own’, ‘From the world. Cultural newsreel. Oberhausen Festival’.

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